Kitchen Sliding Shelves

Kitchen Sliding ShelvesIf you are willing to invest some money on the storage capacity of your kitchen, you can go for a kitchen sliding shelf which is a very effective and affordable option. With such a shelf you can store good amount of canned items within no time. These shelves can prove to be very helpful in enhancing the look of your kitchen by removing all the clutter. You can get all this done without even building or designing new space.

Another benefit of roll out drawers is that they offer great convenience to the person working in the kitchen. Especially, the lower shelf make it very convenient for people to access the things they need very often. There are many things like certain pans and pots which are needed every now and then, you can keep them in the lower shelf and access them comfortably whenever you want and put it back with the same convenience. Even tall cabinets can be having a mechanism which allows the shelf to come downward when needed. These types of shelves allow you to use higher cabinets actually usable. Otherwise higher cabinets are not used for years due to the problem faced in accessing them.

You can find these sliding shelves in countless finishes. If you want it to be quite economical, Natural Oak supposes to be the least inexpensive one, starting with $30. If you are interested in Oak Super, the prices can go as high as $60. Usually, these kinds of shelf are available as two shelves, but you can find up to five shelf as well.

Some roll out drawers is quite costly but they offer utmost durability. If your pocket allows, you can invest in premium shelves and get rid of your storage problem for long. Having these drawers, you won’t have to delve all the corners of your kitchen in search of items. You can also opt for shelf with circulation rotation which make it even easier for locate the things in times of need. These shelves are having built-in slots or trays. You can keep things as you deem fit. The shelf with trays and slots may cost you around $50.

The investment made in kitchen shelves or roll out drawers never make people repent. Whatever type of shelves you may have, they will definitely facilitate your working in the kitchen. Besides making it easy to locate the items, these shelves also allow you to keep your kitchen free of clutter. And keeping the level of convenience they offer, their prices seem to be quite reasonable. Today, lots of manufacturers are offering such shelves at very competitive prices. Just find a good store and select the type of kitchen shelves you need.

Materials That Transform Your Kitchen Worktops Look and Feel

Materials That Transform Your Kitchen Worktops Look and FeelKitchen is the heart of a home as it is the source of health for family. Spending some time on how it should look like can save you a lot of budget. While planning for renovation, keep in mind what color scheme to select, what kind of benchtop to choose, painted or timber door, and other design elements. Kitchen appliances position, cupboards, shade and type of paint can easily be replaced or redone. However, worktop is nearly one thing that is permanent.

Well, choosing the best material for countertop looks like bit challenging and crucial. You might have overlooked the most used part of kitchen i.e. worktops which enhance value as well as attraction to kitchen in their own way. Then definitely question may arise what options you can have to choose from materials for worktops. Different materials have different attributes like durability to ease of use, hygienic qualities to heat resistance property.

Move to eternally appealing Quarts, Marble and Granite worktops.


Elegant quartz worktops are man-made engineered stone worktops formed by combining 90% ground quartz with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. Extremely hard and durable; glossy sheen; non-porous and stain-and-crack resistant; does not require sealing or resealing; wide range of colors; easy to clean with mild soap, water, and a soft cloth; extremely hygienic – as bacteria and mildew finds it hard to adhere and grow on the surface. Do not clean with abrasive products as over time they will strip the shine from the surface.


Granite is second hardest rock found on the planet, better impact resistance than stainless steel and also most expensive and nicest looking of all the available materials. Versatile – since it occurs naturally, no two granites can be the same. Granite countertop is classic choice which is favored by many people because of timeless and elegant look it provides. Easy to maintain – a yearly sealing will help to prevent unsightly cracks, simply wipe it down with warm water and soap or purchase special stone cleaning material.


A Marble kitchen worktop may possibly be the most striking additions you could make to existing or new kitchen. Marble contains an intricate mosaic of veins, specks, and swirls. A little care and attention will help to maintain its beauty. They are available in variety of colors to match up with one’s needs and taste.

Space management is the most important aspect of a modern-day kitchen and it largely includes convenience as well. The entire functionality of kitchen revolves around conveniently located worktop.

Take Home Innovative Kitchen Accessories to Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Take Home Innovative Kitchen Accessories to Help You Organize Your KitchenTo function efficiently in your modular kitchen, everything should be in perfect order. Same concept goes for modular kitchen accessories too. Think how fast and easy your cooking would be if everything you need is within an arm’s reach. The secret to well-organised modular storage is proper planning with the use of new and innovative solutions. Smart storage will not only offer you more storage but will also your individual cooking style.

There are basically two types of baskets used in a interior design, steel wire baskets and flat-bottomed baskets. Kitchen base units, trolleys, tall units and many more accessories, products & services are offered by Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist. We provide exclusive range of modular design with unparalleled finishing effect, functionality & durability. Our team of expert Specialist will make sure that your interior design has altered into the most beautiful and an organized kitchen. We match to the highest distinction standards in designing, manufacturing, installation & servicing. Sleek models its designer kitchen and accessories to suit your size, needs and even your budget. With a wide range of accessories which focus on space management – like the corner units, midway systems and tall units, which make optimum use of the limited space available in Indian kitchens. Our accessories are created with great consideration to specially suit the Indian cooking. We understand in joint families there are heavy and huge vessels used while daily cooking, our accessories and storage solutions ensure excellent utilization of space by enabling you to store larger as well as smaller items respectively.

Sleek offers SS 304 kitchen accessories ie. wire baskets, tall units, wall hangings and more. They are economically cheaper and durable, steel wire baskets are the most popular option for baskets. Light weight, highly functional and easy to use, Sleek’s 304 accessories even come with a lifetime rust-free warranty. Also Sleek telescopic channels and hinges are of good quality and better functionality. Sleek has also been at the forefront technological development, ideas and innovation, to make the Indian woman’s life easy and fast in the kitchen. It also offers the imported solid bottom Grass modular accessories for people who want the finest quality. The use of Grass hinges and channels ensures smooth and effortless operation for a long, long time.

Aesthetic designs with amazing functionality; this is the hallmark of Sleek kitchen and accessories.

Can You Run Your Outdoor Saunas Using Solar Power

Can You Run Your Outdoor Saunas Using Solar PowerOutdoor saunas provide the dual advantage of improving your health while increasing your social interactions. A spa like experience while spending quality time with your friends, family and neighbours is made possible, right in your backyard. A lesser known benefit of having an outdoor saunas unit is that you can move away from the traditional heating systems that burn fossil fuels electricity and adopt solar energy to power your saunas. Solar energy is the energy converted from sun’s radiation and some of its benefits are: it is renewable, reduces carbon footprint, easy on the pocket and readily available in your backyard. It is possible to have steam, fun and sun all at once and this article will explore the ways in which you can run outdoor saunas using solar power.

According to current industry practices, there are two ways to use solar energy to run your outdoor saunas unit: passive heating and solar radiant heating.

Passive heating is a method where the sauna is heated by magnifying the sun’s radiation that comes into through large windows. This method commonly known as the Greenhouse effect. Although passive heating is cheap to setup and virtually costs nothing to maintain, it is not a reliable power source as its success depends on the real time intensity of sun’s radiation. In many places where sunlight isn’t commonly observed for large periods of time, passive heating would not generate enough energy to heat the sauna to the optimal temperature of around 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

The second and more common method for using solar energy is solar radiant heating. Radiant heating is more reliable than passive heating as it stores solar energy when available and allows for its conversion into heat for longer periods of time. The storage and conversion of energy is made possible by the installation of solar electric panels, usually placed on top of the sauna. The panels can power the electric heaters to heat the sauna or convert water to steam depending upon your preference. Although solar panels can still harness energy on cloudy and rainy days, they will under deliver in providing the threshold energy for a satisfactory sauna experience. Moreover, this method is more expensive than passive heating with a setup cost of anywhere between 300 – 1000 $ per solar panel.

Whatever method you choose to implement, it is important to remember that solar energy is probably the best energy source for outdoor saunas. It is renewable, leaves no carbon footprint and leads to almost no wastage. With improving technologies, the efficiency of harnessing solar energy on cloudy and rainy days will only increase over time. If you are still concerned you can setup a traditional electricity panel as a backup for your sauna to create a makeshift hybrid system. The benefits of solar energy may not be apparent right off the bat. In the long run, you will notice savings financially and environmentally. Investing in solar energy to run your outdoor saunas would be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, your family and community.